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Maryland Corporation
Baltimore City MBE #09-357755
MDOT MBE #09-466
Maryland Lic# 106-3747
DGS - SBE # SB09-5207
DC Lic# 3153
Virginia Lic# 11-6182
DCJS# 88-1345

Licensed, Bonded & Insured
in MD / DC / VA

EIN: 383787870
CCR Registered
DUNS# 827385068

561210, 561611, 561612



Background Investigations

Background Investigations XSIG can be utilized to address everything from a specific area of concern to crisis management.  We assist both the public and private sector and when necessary we will arrange for specialized investigation services.  We specialize in a wide range of criminal and insurance fraud Investigations.  We develop comprehensive plans and advise you on critical decisions concerning all areas of investigations, risk management and crime prevention.  Whether your need is security, risk management, crisis management, or employee related matters, we can provide a custom resolution tailored to meet your needs. XSIG can assist you in creating a plan of action in the application of a successful investigation with positive results.


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